2.3 million hairs on 苏利 created individually

//2.3 million hairs on 苏利 created individually

2.3 million hairs on 苏利 created individually


Monsters, Inc., released in 2001 got some of the most famous monsters amongst us of the past two decades. Animating creatures with fur is the trickiest part of all. The same was the case while animating animals in Zootopia. They had to be given individual fur designing just like 苏利 in Monsters Inc. Top scarer 苏利 and Mike have become beloved monsters of children’s lives.

苏利’s animation

Pete Docter came up with the idea of a monster themed film in 1994. He designed 苏利’s character getting inspired from the team. Everyone came to a mutual consensus than rather than creating a plain skin tone 苏利 must have a furry appearance. The story suffered innumerable passive changes but in the end Docter came to the conclusion that a furry, 8-foot tall co-star will assist the little girl.

苏利的名字也有个很好的故事。实际上,该团队的动画师曾到过得克萨斯州A&M大学,受到得克萨斯州A的启发&M’s的历史标志,劳伦斯·沙利文·罗斯(Lawrence Sullivan Ross),绰号“Sulley” by students.  One of the biggest challenges animators faced was regarding the fur. They couldn’t possibly think of a way to design 2.3 million furs on 苏利’s body. (Keep in mind that it was 2001 back then!) Back then it took 12 hours at times to render and model every single frame.

皮克斯担心皮草会互相掩盖,从而在屏幕上造成混乱。皮克斯随后成立了自己的仿真部门,并开发了一个名为Fizt的全新毛皮仿真程序。 Fizt程序使毛皮以非常自然的方式做出反应。这也使Boo的衣服和其他元素的步调更加自然。

经过17年的发展,我们现在拥有先进的技术。现在,顶级动画学院利用Fizt来培训学生。所有 最佳动画课程 不仅要向学生传授有关动画的最新知识,而且要教他们多年来的发展方向。

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